A New Day for America

As you well know, 2020 has been a year unlike any other in our history! Our country has experienced tremendous amounts of social, physical, and political unrest. And, the divisive presidential election only contributed to our collective anxiety.

 Now, as faithful advocates of education, social justice, and inclusivity, we here at Purple Runway, Inc., are once again hopeful that support of the causes closest to our hearts will continue with the inauguration of the Biden-Harris administration.

 Our Hope for a Brighter Future

After announcing his campaign, Biden acknowledged the vast range of political stances within the Democratic party and throughout the country and was determined to be an inclusive candidate who represented all types of Americans. To emphasize this stance he worked with former Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders to ensure that his platform better addressed climate change, criminal justice, health care, the economy, education, immigration, and more. More importantly he selected Senator Kamala Harris to be his Vice President. In doing so, Biden demonstrated his desire to meet the needs and concerns of ALL Americans.

Biden stayed focused on uniting both his base and the nation as a whole so that he could be an American president rather than simply a Democratic president. We feel confident that his perspective on the position eventually won him the presidency.

Biden has consistently vowed to consider the viewpoints of people from both parties in order to bring us all back together as a nation. And when he accepted the role of president-elect, he reiterated his promise to heal America by unifying its citizens. Along with the fact that he won the presidency, the fact that women, people of color, young people, and even frustrated Republicans committed their votes to him further evidences the prosperity of his inclusive position.

Our Hope for Steady Advocacy of Social Justice

Purple Runway, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, assists men, women, children, and families who have endured domestic and intimate partner violence. Purple Runway encourages these individuals to survive and thrive via education and comprehensive healing. Specifically, Purple Runway offers holistic and culturally competent care and counseling so that victims can overcome their situations and begin to flourish in happy, healthy relationships.

Purple Runway, the vision of personal style coach Gigi McMillan, a domestic and intimate partner violence survivor herself, and her company Kamisol Style Consultancy present a united front in the fight against domestic violence. As women within a sisterhood, we understand the importance of sounding our rally cry for inclusive social justice that eradicates trauma from domestic and intimate partner violence by educating society about the plight of victims of such violence. 

For years, we have been speaking out about the national epidemic that is domestic and intimate partner violence. And thankfully, strong political leaders both local and federal, including our new President-elect, have heard our pleas.

We believe that by connecting local, state, and federal legislation, we can create the change we need to see regarding domestic and intimate partner violence.

 In fact, during his time as a senator for Delaware, Biden co-sponsored the Violence Against Women Act of 1994 (VAWA). Biden remained a major proponent of the bill until he left office in 2017. Unfortunately, the Act expired in February 2019 and has yet to be reauthorized again. We are confident that with this new brighter, more inclusive administration we will be able to refocus attention on the VAWA and work towards reauthorization again.

 We have also received the endorsement of Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia and  looking to President-elect Biden, Senator Kaine, and other government officials on both sides of the aisle to hear our shouts for social justice once again. We will ask them to rejoin us in standing in the gap for those who are still in the struggle.

 Delegate Delores McQuinn, of Virginia, outlined protection measures in her HJR129, which unfortunately was tabled in early 2020. In tandem with this Resolution we are advocating the establishment of a Domestic Violence Registry and the assumption of measures to monitor people convicted of domestic violence, family abuse, and intimate partner abuse. 

Our Thanks to the Organizations Who Have Supported with Us

We could not have made such substantial progress so far without the help of legislators like Biden, Kaine, and McQuinn. We truly are grateful for their efforts. However, we also owe a debt to many other champions of our cause. These inspiring institutions include:

  • ACTS
  • Change in Action
  • Examiner
  • Georgetown University
  • Getty Images
  • Global Stress Initiatives
  • InsideNova
  • Lawrence Clothiers
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Modern Luxury DC
  • National Coalition of 100 Black Women
  • National Network to End Domestic Violence
  • Patch
  • Purple Purse
  • Rosendorf/Evans
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Springfield Town Center
  • Stewart Commercial Realty Services
  • Sugar Rim Bar
  • Suited for Change
  • The Fur Salon at Saks Fifth Avenue
  • The Georgetowner
  • Washington Parent
  • Women Giving Back
  • Women’s Center
  • Dental Spa

These corporations have empowered us to achieve so much for the sake of domestic and intimate partner violence survivors over the years. 

For this reason, we will always be thankful to them.

 Our Perspective for the Future

The fact that Biden won the election by exemplifying fairness, inclusiveness, and tolerance has done so much to lift our spirits after such a difficult year. 

It has reaffirmed in our minds the truth that extending goodwill and respect toward everyone in all that you do is one of the most effective master plans for securing success. 

We will continue to exemplify that approach in our words and actions in our business dealings, social interactions, and personal relations and kindly ask you pledge, alongside us, to end toxic and violent relationships in your area by partnering with nonprofits and organizations like Purple Runway.

Join us while we continue to stand in the gap for those still in the struggle. To find out ways to work alongside us and make the change visit our website at:   www.purplerunway.org