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A community of survivors, thrivers, and conquerors who stand in the gap for those still in the struggle.

Vision Statement

Creating a world where each person recognizes their worth and thrives in healthy, happy relationships free from toxicity and violence.

Mission Statement

To support women, children, men and families who have survived domestic and intimate partner violence through advocacy, community, education, and holistic healing tools.


Where domestic violence survivors meet to overcome emotional abuse to live happier and healthier.


Purple Runway is a social justice organization dedicated to helping rebuild the lives of individuals and families affected by domestic and intimate partner violence. With the help of our community, we will create a world where healthy love thrives, confidence and self-love soars while building change through advocacy, education, and awareness.

Domestic violence happens every day.

It doesn’t discriminate. Domestic violence affects every class, race and community. And men are victims, too.


Over 12- Million Women and Men are victims of intimate partner violence each year.


Domestic and intimate partner violence is a national epidemic.


Most common types of intimate partner violence are physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

In the United States, intimate partner violence is widespread (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 2015): 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have been physically abused by a partner in their lifetime. 1 in 7 women and 1 in 18 men have been stalked by their partner during their lifetime.





Here for Purple Runway & iTHRIVE Sisterhood. Healing is lonely. Hard. Slow. But if we open, reach out, band together…it gives us ground & heart. The energy from tribe is loving, uplifting & strengthens. Caring for each other is our evolution.


This is such a wonderful, much needed group. So many people, (men as well), suffer in silence or they just feel alone. I know because I’ve been there. Thank you, Purple Runway, for this platform!


Raising money for Purple Runway today means greater opportunity for us if we want victims to speak up we need to be able to open the door an let them in.

J. Karas Saks Fifth Avenue and The Fur Salon

Purple Runway is reclaiming space from (domestic violence) to create social change through advocacy.

Cindy SouthworthNational Coalition to End Domestic Violence

Sadly, many Americans have either experienced domestic violence or know someone who has, as a one in four American women will suffer… I share your concerns about its serious issue and I commend you for working to both prevent domestic violence and improve the lives of those affected by it.

Senator Tim Kaine Virginia

Gigi is like a force of nature she just comes into your life…

FarenFour year PR Model supporter, military service member and Thriving Survivor

We loved, we hugged, we cried and we danced such a wonderful day

Rae RoachSpeaker, Healer, Vice President PR

When a company like, Purple Runway and shows it’s civic and social responsibility, I believe it’s a great organization to work with.

Manny Rosendorf Evans General Manager 3 year sponsor of Purple Runway

Purple Runway has allowed me to tell my story. I am a survivor.

ShelenaHR professional, Model, Thriving Survivor

I am a survivor and being apart of Purple Runway is a place to be a part of.” For survivors, speak out, stand strong, and break the chains.

Yoii Dancer and thriving Survivor

Best event I have ever attended. I will continue to support Purple Runway

Neabsco District Supervisor Victor S. AngryPrince William Country

Meeting Gigi was like meeting a sister from my tribe and what real support felt like.

Justina Designer and Survivor

WGB was honored to be named a Community Champion at the Purple Runway (…) . thank you to the Founder of Purple Runway, Gigi McMillan, for giving nonprofits like us a platform to riase awareness for the growing need for services to support domestic violence survivors. We are extremely grateful!!

Women Giving BackCommunity Champion



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