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Transitional Housing

Lobbying and Legislation

National Domestic Violence Registry (NVDR)

Domestic and intimate partner abuse is a many-layered issue. Financial abuse can include the stealing, restricting, or withholding of financial resources. In so many cases, the abused stays with their abuser because they feel as if they have nowhere else to go. Transitional housing can alleviate some of the financial strain by providing safe, short-term shelter for women and families while they get back on their feet. In light of recent social justice movements, it’s become quite apparent that current legislation isn’t doing enough to support those who have suffered from intimate partner and domestic abuse in all its forms. Purple Runway is on a mission to identify and lobby change to federal and state laws that fall short of their responsibility to protect the abused and hold abusers accountable. There can be no healing and no forward movement toward the eradication of domestic and intimate partner violence and abuse without accountability. Join us in a national campaign to create an official registry of violent offenders so we can help put an end to this perpetual cycle.