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Individual Cost for Workshop

$35 – In Person
$20 – Online

Healthy Relationships and Loving Me Workshop


Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model (TREM)


Healing Trauma (HT) – Intervention for Women


Purple Runway’s Healthy Relationship and Loving Me training teaches participants the importance of our emotional wellbeing from the inside-out. The community goal is to increase confidence though teaching the importance of:

·      Overcoming Self-Sabotaging Mindsets

·      Increasing Mindful Exercises

·      Social Supporters

·      Your Personal Style Journey

In the end, the outcome will set the pathway and help members embrace the true meaning of “when we look good, we feel good!” despite what we’ve been through.

Women who have a history of sexual, physical, and/or emotional abuse and can have severe mental health problems and frequent co-occurring substance abuse issues Program Overview Program Goals

The overall goals are: Minimize, Amplify, Increase


·   mental health symptoms

·   anxiety

·   depression

·   hostility

·   post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms


·   trauma recovery skills

·   self-esteem

·    emotional regulation


·   judgment and decision-making

·  boundary setting

·  self-worth

The overall goals of HT: A Brief Intervention for Women HT  are:

·   Increase understanding of trauma

·   Decrease in trauma symptoms

·   Decrease in depression

·   Increase in self-efficacy

Essential Components of Healing for Trauma Recovery combined with Holistic Components Therapy

· Group intervention with 6-12 women and one facilitator per group

· Specific topics for each of the 6 sessions:

· Session 1: Welcome and Introduction (2 activities)

· Session 2: Power and Abuse (2 activities)

· Session 3: The Process of Trauma and Self-Care (4 activities)

· Session 4: Healthy Relationships (2 activities)

· Session 5: Love, Endings, and Certificates (2 activities)

·  Session 6: Love, Endings, and Certificates (2 activities)