Are You A Butterfly Ready to Transform?

Butterflies are amazing creatures who experience transformation, unlike humans. They evolve, not once, but twice, first as a caterpillar and then as a butterfly.

The butterfly transforms itself into a new creature over its life span in what’s called a pupa also known as a life-stage some insects undergo when transforming between immature and mature. Unbelievable to say the least – check super-fast 3-minute cultivation of the process.

The process looks uncomfortable OR is this actually a time of seclusion, healing, and beginning, again…

Likewise, around the world, people view the butterfly as a representation of endurance, change, hope, and life because like the butterfly:

We have endured because we are here!

We are changed because we are growing!

We are hopeful because we know we are worthy!

and we know life is meant to be lived to the fullest!

We are Thriving-Survivors who have overcome so much and deserve to be celebrated as the champions we are!

A few weeks ago, I celebrated myself during this dance therapy session with one of my dearest friends Karen.   See Gigi dancing to Black Butterfly

The actual performance was not what made this exercise special.  The actual maturation came afterwards when I shared the video on my social media outlets.

Why is that you ask?

Because, it had everything to do with development and acceptance, knowing it’s okay to allow people in.

This is one of the most challenging lessons I learned through my becoming process.

A slow, yet fiercely, steady process.

I have invited my trauma to many discussions while facing her head on.

Sometimes, she is strong, yet I show her I am determined.

Sometimes, she is brutal, yet I show her I am better.

And sometimes she shows up and I stare at her in the eye and she backs down.

This is when I know my fear story does not control my future.

The SHE in me, who stands before herself, in the mirror accepts the perfectly yet imperfect order of my experiences.  This allows me to exit my cocoon and embrace my transformation and venerability one new wing at a time ready to take flight exiting my own pupa.

Sharing the pieces of me and displaying them concurrently while mending them back together again, has encouraged me to release anxiety, hurt, pain, shame and blame at a nuclear level which allows me to flow into the best version of myself with an understanding the journey continues.

Will I and do I fall?  Yes

Has anger won at times? Yes.

Have I learned something every day about myself and how to take it easy when FEAR rears her ugly head? YES.

Consequently, I embrace my missteps and understand I may lose a battle here and there, yet my EAGLE eye is determined to win the war against any battles I face. While giving me the ability to turn my scars into beautiful tapestries of new growth with a healthy mind set and a can-do outcome.

During this voyage of self-appreciation, I have learned and continue to learn, sisterhood is so important, therapy is necessary, and growing alongside of, those who have experienced depression, sadness, victories and successes have helped me ignite the SHE in ME.

By restoring confidence in oneself it increases self-worth, and understanding because we know what is necessary for us to BE.

What makes us come alive and with a lesson in knowing all of this good-good canNOT be found in another person.

It cannot be purchased like a service or product.

Nor can it be taken away once received; it only continues to cultivate itself to become…

Honoring self opens up a floodgate to wellness, mind, body and soul.  Being willing to merge through the process of personal change and development.  The question is are we willing to do the work at all cost.

My answer is not only YES it’s DAMN STRAIGHT – HELL YEAH!

In closing, just remember when you see a butterfly this spring and summer think about its stages of existence.

Explore and consider its ups, downs, and everything in between.

Be resolute and determined to evolve, develop, and cultivate the best of yourself and want to become.

Today, I challenge you to find a nest of people who encourage your strength, and honor your vulnerability, to help release your wings and soar through life knowing your worth is not up for discussion, your future is yours for the making, and your ability to dance through it all while living life without apology.

Peace with Love,